Residential Feng Shui Consultation (onsite)

  • Existing home
  • Building a new home
  • Buying a new home
  • Selling your home
  • Extending or renovating your home

The front door of your home is crucial to the flow of Qi in and out of your home.
Do you have any negative energies (Sha Qi) being directed at your home?

An onsite visit analyses every aspect individually and takes into consideration which direction to face when sleeping, compass direction of facing of home, external environment, family members, colours are all used in preparing this comprehensive analysis for you, your family and your home.

  • Discussions regarding any problems the residents have.
  • Location of front door and other doors and advise most prosperous entry point.
  • Location of current & future Wealth areas to enhance wealth.
  • Location of current & future Health area to improve health.
  • Help to activate the positive aspects in your home.
  • Furniture placement of beds and best sleeping directions.
  • Recommendations for redecorating using colour and elements to enhance qi in rooms.
  • Electromagnetic fields reading (EMF) to ensure main living and sleeping areas are not causing health problems.
  • Best location for desk direction and home office
  • Identify any negative energy outside the home and rectify.
  • Observation of balance - yin & yang.
  • Assistance in choosing a good home for you & your family.

All that is required from you for your onsite Residential Consultation is:

  1. The floorplan of the building
  2. The date of birth of all residents
  3. The date the house was built

When the Feng Shui in your home is good, you will find you have good health, wealth, happiness and success in your career and relationships.