"Wu Xing" -The Five Elements

wu xing

Diagram of the interactions between the "Wu Xing".

The enhancing cycle is illustrated in elements going clockwise.

The controlling cycle is represented by the arrows inside the circle.

"Wu Xing" is often translated as Five Elements and this is used extensively by many including practitioners of Feng Shui.

The five elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

The principle of the five elements is the backbone of Feng Shui. Like Yin and Yang the five elements are types of qi that change over time.

The five elements can:-

  • enhance qi
  • control qi

Each element relates to different

  • colours
  • seasons
  • directions
  • body parts
  • shapes

In Feng Shui the five elements are used to make changes to enhance positive qi and correct negative qi to ensure health, wealth and happiness.

water element
wood element
fire element
metal element

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