Mini Feng Shui Consultation (offsite)

This is a great starting point on your journey to Feng Shui your home.It will provide you with an overall summary of where the positive and negative qi is located and more.........


  • your floor plan to scale
  • the date the building was built
  • the date of birth of family members
  • the facing direction of house (compass reading)

Find out:-

  • your best sleeping locations and directions
  • what areas are best for you and your family
  • best study locations
  • best location for home office
  • how to enhance the positive energies and more.........

This service is designed for those who do not want a full Residential Feng Shui Consultation but would like to know the basics and get started with Feng Shui.

An offsite Feng Shui consultation will never replace an on-site Residential Feng Shui consultation.

Should you wish to progress to a full Residential Feng Shui Consultation later within 12 months, this fee will be deducted from the price.