Residential Feng Shui Consultations

"Thank You Carol for showing me how to easily energise my home to create balance and redirect the flow of energy for greater harmony in my everyday life. I am excited in learning more on your simple and practical feng shui tips, which have helped me to activate my luck, bringing me family bliss, a successful love relationship and in attracting wealth to my business."

Caroline L.

"Since Carol introduced me to Feng Shui, I have embarked on the most fascinating journey and my eyes have been opened to another dimension of The World. This has given me a completely different perspective on my surroundings. I now feel like I have more influence over the events of my life and have a growing sense of peace in 'my world'. I can say with certainty that positive energy has been attracted to my home and has impacted my wealth & well-being".

Elaine B.

"I found Carol very professional and very friendly and one whom I could talk to easily. After discussing the issues I had with my son, Carol recommended a few changes to my house including clearing out my clutter (which was a big thing for me) and moving my son’s bedroom. After doing these things, the improvement in my son was amazing. He is now focussed, sleeps well, no longer suffers migraines does his homework on time and is a joy to be around. My sincere thanks Carol."

Dorinda K

"Carol is warm and friendly and listened to our issues over many cups of tea. We really enjoyed having her in our home. We have made some of the changes she recommended but not all as yet. The results have definitely brought more harmony to our home."

Jean B

"Thanks Carol, all my friends are commenting on how lovely my house feels now. Not to mention I am sleeping so much better and have so much more energy.I think you may be getting a few calls soon from my friends."

Melissa R

"I knew nothing about Feng Shui and heard through a friend about Carol. Not really knowing much I didn’t understand the principles but I made the changes Carol suggested and within a few weeks I was back with my husband and we are very happy together again. Thank you very much Carol."

Sophie T

"Thank You Carol, we highly recommended your Feng Shui service, especially the excellent report you gave us. Since moving to the other bedroom in the house our relationships has improved immensely and my husband has finally got a job".

Lesley N

"Carol was very thorough in her Feng Shui analysis and spent time with me discussing and explaining everything along the way. She was extremely professional and I found her report easy to follow. The outcomes were very good. I will use Carol again in the future."

Kathy S

"Great work Carol, professional, informative & helpful with great results."

Jane L

Business Feng Shui Consultations

"Wow! what a difference Feng Shui makes. Since you rearranged our office space, the sales team have had the best sales on record this year. I cannot thank you enough for your help Carol."

Ray White

"Thanks so much for your service Carol, it was very helpful and insightful. I learnt so much about my business. I have implemented the changes you recommended and the staff are so much happier now, we are even organising a social outing !"

Peter P

"We found Carol to be very professional and informative and her practical advice for our business was achievable even on a budget. We have found business has improved since changing our shop, we are definitely getting more customers in."

Steve C

"Thanks for your services, they have helped us and we will employ you again in the future."

Jean O

"Carol is warm and friendly and provides a great service. Business is now better than it has been in a long while."

Renee S


"Excellent talk on Feng Shui and very informative, I would like to attend future workshops with you."

Kaye M.

"Thank you so much Carol for your Introduction to Feng Shui & Year of the Goat presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You make people want to know more."

Erica F.

"Thank You very much Carol, an interesting initiation to the "onion peeling" of Feng Shui. I had no idea it was so complex. I would like to attend future workshops with you"

Barbara B

"Your Feng Shui presentation was really full of information and fun and I got a lot out of it."

Vanessa W

"Thank You carol, a good general overview of Feng Shui. Your session was very informative and insightful."

Caroline L

"Very interesting talk Carol, great information and well worth attending. Thank You."

Helen B

"Fantastic! Loved it, you did a great job Carol."

Lyn K

"I really enjoyed your Feng Shui & Year of The Goat presentation, it was very interesting."

Ann R

"Your Feng Shui presentation was well organised and very well explained and very enjoyable. I would like to attend future workshops with you."

June R

"Very informative and a great introduction to Feng Shui. Very well done Carol. I would like to attend future workshops with you."

Debra S